The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe in Dubai is the world’s only island destination that brings together the very best of European designs, heritage and hospitality in a truly breathtaking and unique setting.  More than just a destination, The Heart of Europe will offer a lifestyle like no other and be a beautiful tranquil haven that captures the very essence of European living to create a memorable vacation experience that goes beyond the imagination.

The Heart of Europe is a cluster of six islands on The World in Dubai. A global landmark, made up of 300 islands reclaimed from the sea in the shape of the world map, this engineering wonder is an iconic collection of private and resort islands, located 4km off the coast of Dubai.

The Heart of Europe is based on destinations across Europe, spread over the islands of Germany, Monaco, Sweden, Switzerland, St Petersburg and Main Europe, each of which boast a unique design.   The islands are a celebration of the continent’s artistic and cultural treasures, with each one capturing a different facet of Europe’s culture, character and ambience.

The Heart of Europe has partnered with some of the world’s best architects and technology providers to give the islands their very own signature style and modern design infused with key features from host nations.

The project will set a new benchmark for sustainability and innovation – incorporating green features, solar power and state-of-the-art technology. The Heart of Europe is set to become one of the world’s most environmentally and forward-thinking destinations.

The World’s Only Island Destination That Brings Together the Best of Europe

Completed developments in the region include the European Business Center, which was built in only 14 months and is a remarkable 400,000 sq. ft office and retail building – a huge success story for Kleindienst Group. It is also the developer for The Heart of Europe – a first of its kind, breathtaking hospitality development, spanning 6 of the islands on The World in Dubai, with each island taking inspiration from some of Europe’s most captivating locations. Kleindienst Group is also seed investor to the exclusive Seychelles Eden Island Development, a similar size project to The Heart of Europe, which is home to an infinite number of luxurious villas, sophisticated maisons, stylish apartments and deep-water marina.

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