The Floating Seahorse

Essentially a boat without propulsion, The Floating Seahorse has set a new benchmark in the marine and luxury lifestyle market for contemporary design and innovation.  At the start of 2015 The Floating Seahorse was officially unveiled in Dubai and has since hit the headlines across the world.

Designed and developed in The UAE, The Floating Seahorse takes inspiration from some of the most exquisite design features associated with yachts and villas.  Created for marine enthusiasts and the discerning, The Floating Seahorse is a unique fusion of timeless design and futuristic innovation. Each individual Floating Seahorse will boast three storeys, one underwater, one at sea level and an upper deck.

Sleeping underwater surrounded by marine life and coral reef is something many of us can only dream about, but The Floating Seahorse offers just that and more!  Designed for holidaying, quality leisure time, relaxation and fun, The Floating Seahorse is today a worldwide phenomenon and one of the world’s most sought after marine style retreats.

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