The Heart of Europe will boast many unique features, yet to be seen anywhere else in the world. The exquisite island paradise is designed to offer the ultimate in luxury living and will be home to some of the most extraordinary features and facilities imaginable.

  • An out-of-this-world vacation resort with exclusive holiday homes including the iconic
  •    Floating Seahorse and Sweden Vilas furnished by Bentley Home.
  • The world’s first outdoor climate controlled technology to provide rain and snow.
  • 13 hotels including five, six and seven-star accommodation.
  • European inspired streets, plazas, marinas and boardwalks.
  • 51 European countries represented across a plethora of authentic cafes and restaurants.
  • Exciting nightlife (open 24/7) to suit all ages and interests.
  • A unique European shopping experience including boutiques and designer brands.
  • A wide variety of outdoor activities and water sports including snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding and sailing.
  • An annual calendar of events and activities including some of Europe’s most talented street performers, artists and musicians.
  • A permanent circus operated by a leading European brand and an annual festival.
  • An underwater museum which will showcase the best of Dubai’s heritage.
  • 10 different varieties of ancient Mediterranean olive trees from Andalucía.
  • Beautiful marine life, over 100,000 natural corals and a dedicated coral nursery.
  • The Euro currency.
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